Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing VS. St Vincent College

  1. Does any one have any information, experiences, or impression of Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing or St. Vincent's College for Nursing? I think I've limited my schools down to these two in CT and have been looking at both of them for awhile. I hear BHSN is competive to get into, is St. Vincent's as well? Does anyone know the total price for St. V's? I'm a little more impressed by St. Vincent's admission staff and candor but am still deciding. I'm looking at this from a second career perspective. Any info is greatly appreciated.
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    gemini08, could you pm me your email address. I can't pm you back. Thanks for the reply.
  4. by   Esther2007
    I have one semester left at St Vincent's College. So far, I like the instructors. I am in the evening program. I got accepted as an extended students, where I had to take 15 credits before I start the nursing program. I took A&P 1 and 2, Microbiology, Psychology 1 & 2 and clepped Sociology and World Religions. The impression I have about St Vincents is great. It is a very challenging program. You need a 80 to pass, but do not let that scare you because it is doable. If I can help you with anything else, please PM me. Good luck to you.
  5. by   hannahbanana26
    hi ! I was wondering if you could give me more information on the Extended Program at St.Vincents like when do you apply or how long does it take ? Thank- you so much for your information .:heartbeat
  6. by   Esther2007
    Quote from hannahbanana26
    hi ! I was wondering if you could give me more information on the Extended Program at St.Vincents like when do you apply or how long does it take ? Thank- you so much for your information .:heartbeat
    The extended program is where you take 15 credits and have to maintain certain GPA before starting the nursing program. I am not sure what GPA they want now, but when I started 4 years ago, it was a 2.25. I am sure it changed now.
    I could not get to you sooner, I had 3 exams and one presentation in the last four weeks. I am glad I passed nursing 232 with flying colors. God is Good!!!
  7. by   Esther2007
    If you need any more information, let me know.
  8. by   hannahbanana26
    Thanks for your Info, Just one more question ... so ill just apply to the extended program and your automatically into the the nursing program once your done with the prereq ? redbeatheredbeathe Happy Holidays !!!
  9. by   hannahbanana26
    And Congrats on passing your class !redbeatheredbeathe
  10. by   Esther2007
    Thanks, once you completed the prereqs with the gpa required, you are in. Good luck to you. Do not hesitate to ask me any other questiosn.
  11. by   eatothegb
    Hello! I have a BS in Molecular and Cell Biology from UConn and I applied to both Bridgeport and St. Vincent's. I got accepted into Bridgeport, and St. Vincent's only granted me acceptance into their general studies program because (get this) I had to retake a calculus class my freshman year. That's the answer I got from the director of admissions when I called. Also, St. Vincent's only allows you to transfer 15 credits, so if you have a degree in science like me, you're going to have to retake practically everything because you need to take a minimum of 60 credits at St. Vin to get a degree from there. I'm so glad I got accepted to Bridgeport instead, ALL of my credits transferred and now I only have to take the nursing classes and I'll be done in 3 semesters! I've always heard that it's harder to get into Bridgeport than St. Vin, but I got a 99 on the TEAS test, so maybe that really is a big part of it. I graduated from UConn with a 3.4 GPA so I have no idea why I didn't get into the nursing program at St. Vincent's. I am starting at Bridgeport in the fall so if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask!
  12. by   vjean7
    I applied to both as well. I was accepted into St. Vincent's extended program, and am still waiting to hear from Bridgeport (I had a problem with one of my transcripts so there was a bit of a delay). BUT, do you know what the science prereqs are for Bridgeport? I know that I would need to take a chemistry class before starting at Bridgeport, but I only took 200 level BIOs in college, and was a PSYCH major. So I'm sure there are quite a few science classes that I would need to take. But I'm having trouble dealing with the fact that St. Vincents wants us to take these sociology and religion and psych classes before we can begin the NUrsing Major. You know? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Bridgeport. Do you really think it's harder to get into?
  13. by   NAM210
    I've been taking my pre reqs and was thinking of applying to St. Vincents. But I have been reading alot of discouraging posts about St. Vincent's. Can someone tell me if I am making the right decision or should I forget St. Vincents and apply to other Nursing Programs. Any advice would be great. How hard is it really to get into St. Vincents?
  14. by   KimBrown
    I was rejected from St V's because they wanted me to take a college level algebra course, even though i already had a BA in Sociology. I did get into BHSN and think that their program is better.