Bridgeport Hospital School of Nursing anyone??

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if anyone out there is starting at BHSN this fall?? If so, are you signing the contract w/ Bridgeport Hosp? Thanks, Melanie
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  3. by   mdc58
    Dear Melcia,
    I want to go to BHSON, but am still trying to decide between bridgeport and gateway in New Haven. Can you tell me why you choose bridgeport; what do you know about the program. If I go, and I am leaning that way because I understand that their clinical instruction is superior, I will probably sign the contract.

  4. by   blkdbz
    Hi, I'm starting Bridgeport in the Fall. The majority of the past years they have been offering it, but I had been told that this year they are not offering the contract for the first year, but they will in my second year. They will reimburse me for the first year if I sign in the second year.
    Their reasoning was they have so many that do not even make it through the first year so it would be advantagous for them to wait until the second year.
    As far is if I will sign it.....I am considering it immensely. My problem is I live in Meriden and it is a 45 minute ride....I don't know if I want to drive that far to work....It'll be bad enough driving there for class.

    Are you starting in the Fall? I can not wait to get started.

    mdc58.....I am choosing BHSN because it was the only school I applied too. They told me it is different then most programs because of having the hospital enviroment....You are in the hospital the very first week. They said you have lab then the next day a clinical setting on what you learned in lab. Other than that I really do not know much at all.....I wish they'd give us some info!
  5. by   HAN2009
    hi i just got accepted to bhsn aswell
  6. by   Leeann337
    I too, will be attending BHSON in the Fall. Will you be doing nights or days? I'm going days. Look forward to meeting all of you and finally getting started!!!
  7. by   HAN2009
    im doing days, i look forward too
  8. by   blkdbz
    Han2009 and Leeann337 - I am hoping for days too. Hope we get some info soon.
  9. by   Leeann337
    Quote from blkdbz
    han2009 and leeann337 - i am hoping for days too. hope we get some info soon.

    i called them on friday; they said they would be sending out a preliminary letter outlining some of the tasks that need to be completed prior to orientation on monday (yesterday) but that the full packet of orientation material wasn't ready yet!! argghh...i'm so anxious.
  10. by   Melcia060
    I started BHSN last Septemeber and I'm in the summer program right now so I'll be graduating in Decemeber. They offered us the contracts the first couple weeks of school...a lot of people signed it, I didn't. I did hear that they were waiting to offer it until 2nd yr due to the amount of students that fail out each year. The orientation is pretty good-you get to order all your uniforms and they give you a packet of information that should be helpful. You are in the hospital working on clinical the 3td day...1st day was theory (lecture), 2nd day was practical (lab) and 3td day we were on our clinical units. Good luck, enjoy 101 and 102 while you can!!
  11. by   blkdbz
    Melcia060.....Thank you for the information. I'm very excited. Hey, is their accelerated program hard to get into?
  12. by   HAN2009
    i do not know what to expect, im a nervous wreck
  13. by   Leeann337
    I got a letter yesterday with the medical and health requirements paperwork...there sure is a lot we need to do before starting school.
  14. by   Melcia060
    Quote from blkdbz
    Melcia060.....Thank you for the information. I'm very excited. Hey, is their accelerated program hard to get into?
    Last year the school only had 22 people interested in the accelerated program (they say they "require a B average" to get in, but I know of a few B- students who got in last year)...I think they were afraid that this year's summer enrollment would be low also, so they took away the grade requirement for us. They told us to sign our name on a piece of paper if we wanted to go thru the summer - there's 43 of us who are signed up for accelerated right now.

    A word of advice about buying the books - I hardly ever use mine. I spent about $1200 on them and most of them have never been opened. The "Fundamentals of Nursing" book is ok, but they take 20 pages to say what they could have said in 2 pages. The "Medical-Surgical" books are a must - that's where you find everything. Certainly get yourself the Drug Guide, The Pediatric Nursing book, the Nursing Dx book, and the Physical Assessment Pocketguide. As for the rest of them...I've never even opened them. Also, it probably isn't on your book list, but you'd be wise to invest in a good Nursing Care Plan book (it'll save you A LOT of time writting care plans) - you don't have to get a brand new one, mine was off of for $30 and I use that book for every patient.

    NU101 and NU102 aren't that bad (except for Fluid & Electrolytes in 102 ). The key is to stay organized and don't cram - it isn't all memorization in nursing school - the tests are different than any others you've taken. The recommended "Test Success" book is good - it gives you little hints and some of the questions are similar to those you'll find on your first few exams. You guys don't have to go buy it're welcome to borrow mine (once you figure the tests out, the book isn't of use anymore).

    Another hint - buy paper. A lot of paper - a REAL lot of paper. All the notes are e-mailed to you and you can print them off w/ your paper at the school. Once you make it thru NU101 & NU102, you should get a good NCLEX review book - I use Saunder's because it has a CD w/ 2500 questions broken down by system. You'll need the practice for NU104!! Good luck!!

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