BHSN Fall 2011 - looking to network

  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm Molly - new to the forum and will be attending the nursing program at Bridgeport Hospital this fall! I'll be relocating from Eastern CT and I am very excited to move and start the program. Is anyone else looking for housing? Looking forward to meeting everyone in a few months!!!
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  3. by   HighlyBlessedRN
    Congrats on your acceptance, I will also be attending BHSN in the Fall but as a commuter. Have yoy received any financial aid or orientation paperwork?
  4. by   mollymollymolly
    Congrats to you too! I have yet to receive any orientation or financial aid paperwork - what is your status? Also, when you did your FAFSA, did you indicate Housatonic CC (or whichever CC you plan to take the co-reqs at) or just BHSN? It didn't occur to me to also include the community college, but I'm thinking I should go back in and change it...

    Happy Monday, hope it goes by quick for you!
  5. by   HighlyBlessedRN
    Hello Molly,

    Thank you! I did receive my awards letter and unfortunately receive less than I was expecting, on one of the other threads someone mentioned the max aide BHSN gives is about 5,500, which is about what I got. Unfortunately they raised tuition to now 17,000+ instead of 15,000+ so I am unsure if I will be going to BHSON or NCC my back up plan. I did indicate Housatonic and NCC on my fafsa but only because I was looking to take a few classes there in the summer and NCC was my fall back plan. I called BHSN today to discuss the possibility of additional aid and I was told there was none besides the federal aid provided, which is a bummer.

    Happy Hump day.
  6. by   mollymollymolly
    Sorry to hear that you received less than you were hoping for. I received my award info for HCC, but not from Bridgeport yet. When do you think you'll make your decision?
  7. by   HighlyBlessedRN
    I hope to make my decision as soon as I recieve my award letter from NCC and hear back from various scholarships I applied for. So Im keeping my fingers crossed and praying
  8. by   mollymollymolly
    Keep us posted!!
  9. by   HighlyBlessedRN
    Will do
  10. by   CourtneyMarie
    Hi Molly!
    I am an incoming student as well. Have you found a place yet? I am still in the process of looking )=
  11. by   mollymollymolly
    Hi Courtney! Congrats on your acceptance Last time I posted about housing on here, they took it down, but I have not found a place yet - and need to!
  12. by   CourtneyMarie
    Thank you! I wish the school was more help with all of this, but I do understand that they just stopped providing housing. I dont know how to send a private message so if you would like to talk more add me on facebook- my name is courtney egner (=
  13. by   HighlyBlessedRN
    I will be attending in the fall!! See you both there =)
  14. by   mollymollymolly
    Woohoo! Can't wait to meet you