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  1. by   Ladybug15
    Oh wow, that is definitely not bad at all! Thanks for the info! So does that mean if we end up doing some clinical at Yale, that we would have to pay $9 per day? So that would be something like $36 per month if we have clinical one day per week. Or are clinicals 2 days per week by the time we have the option to do the clinical at Yale? I see how that could get costly.
  2. by   Ladybug15
    I just looked at BHSN's book list via their online service provider, specialty books. It looks like the cost won't be bad at all as there are only 2 required books for the first year, which will cost about $70 if purchased through them. These are: Nurse's Pocket Guide by Doenges, 11th edition ($31.95); Nursing Health Assessment Clinical Pocket Guide by Dillon, 2nd edition ($39.95 or $32 on Amazon). FYI - There is a new version of the Nurse's Pocket Guide that was just release, 12th edition. I assume they may update their book list to this new version by the time orientation rolls around.

    There are 4 recommended books on the list, of which I think a few will definitely be useful, including: Nursing Care Plans & Documentation by Carpenito, 5th edition ($59.95 or $40.46 on Amazon); Davis's Drug Guide for Nurses (w/CD) by Deglin, 10th edition ($30.75). The other two recommended items are a medical dictionary, which most of us may already have (I have Taber's on my iPhone), and Fundamentals Success (w/CD only) by Nugent, 2nd edition ($33.95 or $27.84 on Amazon). The fundamentals success book covers critical thinking and test taking techniques, and has been given excellent reviews among students. It includes over 1k NCLEX style questions.

    Just thought this may help with the budgeting/planning process!
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  3. by   jessrose
    I have to say that this thread has been an awesome source of information for what to expect at BHSN in the fall. Thanks to LadyBug and Th0r for the most recent posts regarding scheduling and books. Its really been a huge help!
  4. by   BA_anthropology
    Ladybug, I didn't even know Bridgeport had an online server! How do I log into it??

    Thanks so much for all that information on the books!!!!
  5. by   Ladybug15
    Just practicing my critical thinking skills! Haha!

    I did a little investigating, since I had seen the link for "book store" on the BHSN site. However, the link never worked when you clicked on it. I figured that maybe the location specs had slightly changed so I just removed the specs in the http address in order to get into the main site. Then I just followed the links designed for students looking to purchase books, looked up Bridgeport, and Voila!

    Here's the correct link…

    You can also see what 2nd year books will be like.
  6. by   jessrose
    I found Specialty Book's website and was able to get to the area where you search on institution to get your list of books. I don't think I would have ever found this on my own. Very cool! I'm going to compare these prices against some of the other online textbook mediums...
  7. by   jessrose
    Just after doing an initial search it seems like there's lots of availability for these books on and ebay alone, even for the latest additions. You could easily save over half the costs of what you would spend on the used editions with a little extra work and investigation.

    Ladybug - I'm still working on my post count. I should be able to reply to PMs any day now!
  8. by   Ladybug15
    Word of advise, the care plan book isn't supposed to be that great. It has a wealth of info, everything you'll really need actually. However, it is supposed to be designed terribly so it can take forever to find what you are looking for. Once you find your diagnosis, I think you then need to go to a different area to search for other info related to it. It has received lousy reviews from most. As such, I wouldn't go running to buy it until we find out if that is the only book they will allow us to use for citations within our care plans (I've heard some schools do that).

    I've heard that one of the best books to purchase is:

    Nursing Diagnosis Handbook: An Evidence-Based Guide to Planning Care (Ackley, Nursing Diagnosis Handbook) by Gail B. Ladwig, Betty J. Ackley ($49.95 on Amazon)

    If we're not required to use the Carpenito book for citations, which I doubt since the book is on the recommended list, then I would suggest looking into purchasing the Ackley book. It is suppose to save you a lot of time on care planning, and it can take a real long time if you don't have a good book for guidance. You can see all the wonderful reviews in Amazon, and quite a few people here on AN have highly recommended it as one of the best care plan books as well. I saw one post who said that all her fellow classmates would ask to borrow her book since they had all purchased the one off the booklist.

    If you have the money, than maybe you can spring for both.
  9. by   Ladybug15
    Lol! Jess - just keep posting!!
  10. by   nursstud
    Quote from Ladybug15
    So I FINALLY received my letter today...I got in!!!!! I'm so excited, I just can't contain myself!!! Hehe!!!

    Now I know how you felt BAanthro. We're going to be classmates!!!! :heartbeat :heartbeat

    Drinks all around! *wine

    And in case others want to know, it was a 2 page letter. You could actually see the writing through the envelope because the second page has double sided text.

    Ok, time to go tell everyone else the good news...
    What was the process of getting in?

    thanks in advance.....hope to hear from you soon.
  11. by   Ladybug15
    Nursstud - just go to BHSN's website and fill out the application form. You will need to provide an essay, 3 professional letters of reference, a recent photo and copy of passport or birth certificate.

    There are few pre-reqs, since the majority of the courses can be completed as co-reqs throughout the nursing program. If you take a look at BHSN's website, it will display all the program requirements. You'll have to have a high school diploma or GED. You'll also have to be ranked in the upper third of your high school class, have an SAT score above 800 and/or GPA of 2.8 to even be considered.

    From high school records, you'll need 4 years of english, 2 years of math (1 Algebra), 1 year of bio with lab, and 1 year of chem with lab (minimum C grade). If you haven't taken some of these requirements, you can take respective college courses. In addition, you'll need to have a 3-credit college english composition course completed prior to enrollment. You also have to take a TEAS exam (nursing school acceptance exam) and score above 65 - in the 80's or higher to be competitive.

    While the requirements for application are minimal compared to some other programs, you'll find that acceptance is extremely competitive (600 applicants on average for roughly 100 spots) and as such, it'll be wise to have either a previous BS/ASN degree or a numer of co-reqs completed with strong grades prior to application. The few people I know who have already been accepted for Fall '10 have bachelor degrees, including myself, and have already completed at least a few of the co-reqs. These factors can greatly increase your chance of acceptance as the school takes EVERYTHING into consideration (essay and recommendations included!). The co-reqs are as follows: AP1, AP2, Microbiology, Psychology, Developmental Psych, Sociology and Public Speaking.

    Hope this answers your question! Please let me know if you have any further inquiries. Are you interested in applying to the Fall '11 program??
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  12. by   YMBX
    Hello Ladybug15 I was trying to reply to your private message but was unable to.. I still haven't received anything from BHSN I called on 2/18 and was told the committee was reviewing my application and I called the office yesterday and was told the same thing :-( why are they taking so long? Oh gosh! this is awful!! I really hope to hear from them soon. I know BHSN have a TEAS exam scheduled for the remaining applicants for mid March so they might be waiting on those results before sending out any acceptance letters.. Wish me luck!
  13. by   Ladybug15
    Aww… you may be right about them waiting for some more TEAS scores to come in. Well, I'm still rooting for you! :redpinkhe

    I know of one other person who had all their requirements submitted roughly a week prior to me, and they haven't heard back either. They received the same response as you. How frustrating!

    Well, keep us updated!

    Regarding the PM, you need a minimum of 15 posts in order to send out private messages.

    I'm surprised not many others on AN have responded to this thread… there must be more than 5 people on this board that have applied this year. Maybe most BHSN hopefuls have yet to find this wonderful forum.