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    I am looking into taking classes at Assnuntuck Community Collage in Enfield Ct. They offer Medical Assistant,Pharmacy Technician and Phlebotomy/EKG Technician. I haven't taken a tour of the collage yet. I plan on going after Thanksgiving. I was wondering has anyone gone here? If so what did you think of the collage? The programs I am looking into will be night courses. I was wondering how safe it is while walking to your car. Do you know if the parking lot is close to the entrance. I ask because one collage I looked at you had to walk about five minutes to your car. I don't really like doing that at night. Thanks I really look forward to hearing your input.
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  3. by   Chaoticdreams33
    I went there for a couple of years, mostly night courses. It's a good place, an old high school. It's really small and has that 70's high school look to it. But the parking lots are right in front, and in back, of the entrances. And night parking is pretty easy to get a good spot. I don't know anything about their medical programs, I only took prereqs there. But I've been to several other community colleges and Asnuntuck is my favorite. I think because it's so small and easygoing.
  4. by   para
    Thanks Chaoticdreams33! It make me feel better you liked it there and the school is small. I also like knowing ahead of time about parking. I am feeling better about taking night classes now.