Anyone work for Hartford Hospital?

  1. Hi, I work per diem and part time at 2 area hospitals on the Western side of the state. Fiancé is taking a job at Masonicare and we're looking to move to the Wallingford area.

    I know near by is Rushford, Hartford Psych Center. I was thinking of applying there. I have 4 year's of experience working inpatient/outpatient psych. Also am EMT and phlebotomy trained.

    Curious any feedback? Good or bad.

    Any other recommendations of places to work in the area.

    Appreciate the feedback.
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  3. by   JensyB,RN
    You could try Gaylord Hospital. It's right down the street from Masonic
  4. by   knittygrittyRN
    I currently work for HH however your question seems geared towards Rushford which I have no experience with.

    Speaking strictly about HH, I think its similar to other area hospitals in complaints to staffing ratios. The only real benefit is since its a large corporation you can go nearly anywhere in the state. Additionally if you further your education you can change roles or choose any specialty you want since Hartford has so many.