Anyone currently attending St. Vincent's... feedback??

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have applied to St. Vincent's for the Fall 2009 Nursing program! I am waiting to hear a response back of whether of not I have been accepted! I know that there are a bunch of us who have applied.. either have already been accepted, are waiting for acceptance, or are planning to attend in the future.

    For any of you that currently are enrolled in the Nursing program at St. Vincent's, I was just interesting in your thoughts about the program!?

    Is it what you expected? What is your schedule like? Are the professors and staff friendly? Any pointers as to what an incoming student should do before attending? Any feedback that you have about the program would be excellent!!

    Thank you so much! Hope to hear from someone soon!
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  3. by   fheard
    Hi.. Did you get accepted into the program? If so, are you in the extended program?
  4. by   nikki109
    Hi there!

    I did get accepted to the program for Fall 2009!! I actually have to take the Anatomy and Phys competency exam in a few weeks.. so if I pass, I'll be directly admitted into the nursing program!! If I don't pass, I'll be in the extended program. I am keeping my fingers crossed about passing the comp exam! I took A&P at my other college about 3 years ago, so I'm not sure how much I remember! What about you? Were you accepted??

    Talk to you soon!
  5. by   fheard
    Congratulations! Yes I did accepted into the extended program. I just registered for A&P 1 on Wed. I actually took it last fall, and passed with a B, so I am feeling like I'm wasting time by repeating it. I opted not to test out of it because I heard that the test was extremely hard and I didn't feel confident enough to take it. I had a hard time with the class and do not test well. I figured this would be a refresher for me. Honestly I didn't have the best teacher for A&P and I know I will need this class as a step into all of the others. Hopefully you'll pass and won't have to waste a year taking the 15 credits. Good Luck!!!!
  6. by   nikki109
    Thank you! Congratulations to you too!! Very exciting! That's exactly how I felt with A&P.. I was thinking it probably was stupid to repeat it since I did already take it.. but I also had a hard time with the course, and had a very difficult teacher. I was set on re-taking it.. but then when I went to register I was taken by surprise when I was told I have to wait until Fall 2010 to start nursing. So I called the next day and was told I have one more chance to take the competency exam.. so I guess I'll just study my butt off and hope for the best! I also heard the test was very hard from a few people when I was there to register. It's worth a shot I suppose.
  7. by   fheard
    Is there a fee for the test? Did the school provide a study guide?
  8. by   nikki109
    Yes, I believe it's $20 to take the exam. The school provides you with a sheet listing all of the topics that you need to know.. very broad though, so doesn't help too much. They do offer an Anatomy and Physiology review course which is online.. however, I have already missed it (the course runs from june 29th to august 15th or something like that). So unfortunately, I am on my own I guess!!
  9. by   nikki109
    Just an update -- the competency exam for A&P was ridiculously difficult!!

    fheard - What section of A&P are you in for this fall?