Anyone applied to Southern Ct. State University for the 2018 ACE program?

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  3. by   Akrobeto
    Hi anyone applied to Southern for the ACE 2018 program?
  4. by   Bell427
    I applied. I'm hoping we hear back soon!
  5. by   Akrobeto
    Same here. Fingers crossed.
  6. by   Bell427
    I'll let you know if I hear anything. I read that the 2017 cohort was notified in early March, but I have a vague recollection of them saying candidates would likely hear later this year. Fingers crossed that we get our decisions in the mail this week. :-)
  7. by   Al_R
    I called late last week and they said letters will be going out "the second week of March." Since March technically started last Thursday, I'm not sure if they meant this week or next week.
  8. by   Akrobeto
    That sounds good. Has anyone had a change in his or her status on the application portal?
  9. by   Bell427
    Thank you for the information! I did not notice a change on the portal from my phone.
  10. by   cemurphy909
    I applied!! I hope we hear back soon I applied to both Quinnipiac and Southern, I got into Quinnipiac and am very relieved I have somewhere to go, but Southern is so much less expensive. Good luck to you all!!
  11. by   Al_R
    Just to let you all know, I've been told letters go out today 3/12! Good luck to everyone! @cemurphy, I've also been accepted to Quinnipiac! I have to admit that the cost is a little scary though..
  12. by   Akrobeto
    Yes I got in!!
  13. by   Bell427
    Congratulations!! Did your status on the portal change? And did it come in your regular mail? I'm out of town until Thursday, but I'll ask my sister to stop over and check.
  14. by   Akrobeto
    Hi Bell, thank you. No the status did not change and I got the letter through the regular mail.