Any Current (or Recent) Southern ACE Students for Some Info

  1. I'm applying for the 2017 start date and I'm just wondering if I should retake some prereq classes? I applied roughly 2 years ago (when they still needed Rec. Letters) and made it to 3rd on the wait-list but was never accepted. Currently, my grades are as follows (probably a 3.3 overall GPA from Undergrad or so)

    A & P 1 Lecture: A-

    A & P 1 Lab: A

    A & P 2 w/ Lab: B- (First Application 2 years ago) --> A (just retook this Summer 2016)

    Chem. 1 w/ Lab: A-

    Micro w/ Lab: B+

    Life Span Dev.: A

    Gen Pysch.: B+

    Stats: B- (Planning to retake this fall before Application closes, aiming for A- or A)

    Should I consider retaking the 2 B+ classes on the slight chance I could get an A? I think I'm more focused on just getting an A in the Stats class, as that would put my prereq GPA at a 3.75 or so (3.6 as is), and write a great essay. Any input would be great! Thank you.
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  3. by   angelhearty15
    No, you do not have to retake the two B+ classes. I recently graduated from the ACE program at Southern. I had similar grades in my prereqs. They are more focused on the essay, recommendation letters (I'm not sure about recent requirement) and overall application. Science classes (A&P) are more important than stat but they look at the application as a whole not only your GPA. Experience and ambition outweighs grades. Make sure that your essay grabs the reader's attention and have a good resume (if they require it). Hope this helped.
  4. by   lala4005
    Thanks for your post, I am applying for the ACE 2017 cohort as well! I have a 3.7 overall/cumulative GPA, but have a B- in micro and a B- in stats from taking them both for my undergrad 10 or so years ago...really hoping I don't need to retake! Got an A in A&P I and A+ in A&P II this summer. In chem now and hoping for a B!
    Good luck to all who are applying, it would be fun to find out who gets accepted!
  5. by   jenna1394
    hello @angelhearty15 i have a couple questions about the ACE program. was wondering if you could tell me a little more about it! i have been accepted into the 2017 program
  6. by   WCSU1987
    Anyone know if it is doable to work during the ACE program? Considering applying for 2018.
  7. by   WA123
    I was accepted for the upcoming July start date. Current students said there were times when they could pick up more hours working if need be, but that got harder as the pace of the program picked up. It was more viable to consider being able to work a few hours here and there to have some spending money, much less viable to consider holding a full time job and paying off the program (or other needs) while going to school. I don't think there is a requirement that says you can't hold a full-time job however, so I guess it really falls on whether or not you could make it work.
  8. by   KMI244
    Hi lala4005! I recently applied to the Southern ACE program and have similar grades in prerequisites and was curious if you wound up getting in? Thanks for any feedback!!

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