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  1. This is my first visit to this site and I appreciate any feedback. I need some advice.. I have been called by two facilities in Connecticut who told me that there is a state wide ruling that lanyards will no longer be allowed to be worn for name badges. Two nurses excitedly discovered me at an art show in Hartford....

    I've been very successful with it, with everyone. but now I'm facing a summer without exhibitions. I was told to contact Connecticut hospitals to participate in 'vendor days' .. not a clue how to go about it, who to ask for .. and could really use some advice. etc. Does anyone have any tips? This income possibility could really really get me through until the shows start in October and simultaneously solve problems for many.

    do you know if it is true that it is a statewide ruling
    and do you know if it is happening in other states as well? I don't know the name of the ruling..if you do please advise.
    thanks for help.
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  3. by   chare
    the connecticut legislature passed substitute for hb 5045: an act requireing health care providers to dispaly photographic identification badges during work hours in may, and the bill was subsequently signed into law by the governor on the 3rd of june.

    the text of this law as signed can be found here and states the following:
    any health care provider who provides direct patient care shall wear in plain view during such provider's working hours a photographic identification badge issued by the health care facility or institution that includes the name of the health care facility or institution, the name of the health care provider, and the type of license, certificate or employment title that the health care provider holds with the health care facility or institution.
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    thank you for that answer and so quickly. Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't state what I was told verbally by nurses.. I was told that ( I think beginning in Aug) lanyards would be 86'd because they were banging patients in the face.. and for germ control and also of course, they turn around and you can't see the name

    have you heard anything like this ? Might there be a new rule? if you've heard of anything, just pass it on. I'm wondering about contacting ct facilities re 'vendor days' . and like to know what to say first to introduce my solution. THANKS AGAIN