? for those presently attending or recently graduating NETI

  1. Hi all,
    I am due to start NETI on March 12th. I was wondering if anyone out there in cyber land who is attending NETI or has recently graduated can help me.

    I want to get a jump start on reading, etc. (I'm anal like that). I have a book used in a former NETI class (not sure the year my friend graduated) and was wondering if its the same one they are still using (probably a more current addition). What was your first week or so like. What did you read, homework etc.

    The book is the Essentials of A&P. 4th editon by Valerie C Scanlon and Tina Sanders. (it has a workbook that accompanies it).

    I figure if I get a head start on the reading I will be that much more ahead. I've taken A&P classes in Naugatuck Valley Communtiy College, also take a few Algebra classes, psych, English etc. I also had a very intense Medical Terminology class for my classes for Medical Claims Analyst. So Med term isn't one that I will bother trying to get a head start on. But in the A&P book (its been quite a few years since I've taken it) do they start on the first chaper?

    I guess what I am asking is what in the book should I read and try to wrap my brain around in order to kind of have a head start on the class.

    Also, it was metioned that we would be taking some sort of math placement test (??!!) and that if we failed it they would tutor us..not quite sure what thats all about since we had to take the admission test that included math. What exactly is this test and what happens if you fail the test, get tutored and then what..you test again? And what happens if you fail again?? (i'm sure they will give more details during orientation but I'd like to get some practice math stuff under my belt before I take a test on it..I HATE math. I tend to forget it until I start to look at it but looking at it during the test and kind of remembering it isn't the way I want to take that test..)

    Also, any other info you care to toss my way is welcome.
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