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Confused student needs some advice

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hi there, was wondering if someone could please give me some well appreciated advise. i am a student studying nursing and one of the questions on my assessment is list four items that should be checked in a systematic assessment of an iv please help me as im confused. the answers i have come up with so far are as follows.

1. the five rights, these consist of right drug, right dose, right route, right time and right patient. ensuring accurate documentation of these factors is also imperative in maintaining a high level of patient care and thorough nursing. if there are any additives to an intravenous fluid, there must be an alert sticker.

2. the actual iv line must be assessed, and clear of obstruction and air.

3. the nurse needs to check for visual signs that the iv line is running, this includes checking for patency of the line making sure the vein isn't hard, and there is no swelling, heat or redness at the site which may indicate infection or other complications such as phlebitis.

4. lastly making sure the patient is not in any pain at the site of the iv, documentation of all findings is also important following any patient assessment.

please feel free to have an input, not sure if i am on the right track

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ParkerBC,MSN,RN works as a Assistant Professor.

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Here are some things I look for when assessing an IV site of a patient.

1. Is the line patent (Push 5 mL of NS-à this depends on the facility policy).

2. Is the area around the site free from pain, tenderness, redness, heat (signs of infection)

3. Is the area free from coolness and/or swelling/edema (line is infiltrated)

4. I check the date on the dressing (the facilities I have done clinicals require new IV lines q48h) and does the tubing need changed?

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