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I'm a sophomore at a university with a good nursing school, however, after attending information sessions about transferring to this program, i just don't know what to do :( Basically, what I was told was to look into other schools and different programs because there had been a huge intake of freshman into the nursing program. After doing a lot of research, I've looked at UIC, North Park, Elmhurst, (virtually any bsn program within the illinois area, but I would have to wait until much later or actually transfer into these schools with no guarantee that I would get into their program (which is why i'm thinking of leaving my current school). I feel as though my best option right now is to do an ADN program, then do a bridge program right after i graduate the adn program. Is this okay? Is it common in nursing for students to do this? I feel that this would be the best choice for me to save time and money.

Any thoughts/experiences/pros/cons/ would be so appreciated!!!

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Nothing is guaranteed, honey. If you really want it then you should do everything you can to transfer to the school that could accept you or apply

elsewhere. If you're going to get your ADN and then do a bridge program right after then do it but know that it will take you longer than if you just went for your BSN. ADN programs usually take a little over 3 years while BSN programs take a flat 4 years.

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Any thoughts/experiences/pros/cons/ would be so appreciated!!!

You have started doing the right thing - keep doing your homework. Find out the entrance requirements (and application due dates!!) for the programs at your school and the others. As you have learned, nursing school is very competitive so make sure you lift your game a notch or two at school. "Cs get degrees" does not apply to pre-nursing students.

The timing of the decision to go to nursing school is very important. The people who decided to go 2 years ago are that much ahead of you so don't sweat it. You are two years ahead of the ones who decide in 2012!

Whether you end up going ADN or BSN depends on many factors and your personal situation, but either is a great path to a nursing career.

Keep researching and good luck!

I was just curious. I noticed you are looking into nursing programs in illinois. I am currently a pre-nursing student at NIU and I was just wondering which university you are attending, because I just recently transferred there in hopes I will be accepted into the program for Fall of 2011. I did thorough research on practically every school in illinois, so perhaps I could help.

that's so awesome! i wish you the best of luck in your process at NIU. I'm actually at loyola university right now. The reason why it's so difficult for students to transfer into the program this semester is because they took so many freshman. I have completed biology, chemistry, and i'm in my first semester of organic chemisty :idea: so i'm working my hardest to get the best of grades this semester, and take microbiology and anatomy 1 in the spring, and perhaps switch into loyola's program. If not then i'll look into other schools.

My twin sister goes to Loyola for pharmacy, and she is actually a great Chemistry tutor, so if you need help you can go the Sullivan Center, she had done wonders for me. Good luck with everything, I am sure you will do great.

thanks for the encouragement everyone! I have an info session at my local community college this wednesday so I hope all goes well.

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