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Hi everyone. I am going into my senior year of nursing school (BSN), and I am still not liking the profession as I hoped. I enjoyed pediatrics, but have not liked any of my other clinicals so far.. Starting to think nursing is no longer for me, but feel its too late to turn back now. Any ideas of jobs with a BSN degree other than bedside??? I do enjoy the health care field and the doctors office setting but would not want to sacrifice the pay cut! Any ideas/advice would be great!!

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Hi Samantha,

What is it that you don't like about nursing? Long hours, patient care, working in the hospital? Nursing is such a vast and varied professional field. If you enjoyed pediatrics, what did you like about that particular rotation? Many outpatient settings with great pay require experience. I have a friend who works as a pediatric home health nurse and she loves it. I will caution against taking a more autonomous position straight out of school. You are likely to encounter situations which you are unfamiliar with and having the support of more experienced nurses is extremely valuable.

I'm sure others can chime in about positions that are more outside the box. If you feel comfortable, I suggest speaking with a trusted nursing professor or clinical instructor. They know you and may be able to provide more insight and support.

Facing graduation can be scary and overwhelming. You don't have to figure out exactly what you want to do now and you don't have to do it alone.

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I didn't overly enjoy any of my nursing school clinical rotations with the exception of the ER. I enjoyed heart failure but not enough to want to apply for a position. I applied for an urgent care position but cannot be "hired" or invited for a second interview without having my RN. Already passed the initial phone interview.

I want to go straight to outpatient (urgent care preferred) once licensed. If I can get into the ER as a new grad I'll most likely go there, if not, I'll do UC until I get into the ER. If I can avoid inpatient I will (due to too many stimuli - providers, other nurses, ancillary staff, patients, family members, supervisors, random hallway roamers etc).

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