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As someone who is from a realtively unprogressive European country I have a few questions regarding US/Canadian nursing schools. So, before I apply to Nursing school first I must attend a random college and complete my prerequisites there, correct? And then after I graduate I apply for a program, or am I wrong? And how hard is it for international students to get accepted into Canadian or US colleges?

(Please excuse my still and basic English - I have like 2 years of time to improve it)

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Many universities have International liaison offices and they would probably be the better ones to ask these questions.

There are both 2-year and 4-year BSN programs in the US. Some courses of study are like you describe, where you complete pre-requisites at one school (where you may or may not complete a degree) and then transfer into a two-year nursing school at a different institution. Other programs take you straight from high school (18 year-old) and you complete your introductory science and all of your nursing courses as part of the same program, at the same university, over three or four years. Other programs admit you as a general studies student while you complete your pre-requisites, and then you apply into the nursing major program, so you complete two different programs of study at the same institution.

One caveat about studying in the US: it is very expensive compared to the rest of the world. As a foreign national, you are not eligible for any form of government financial aid, and few private universities have scholarship programs for international students. I'm not sure how that works in Canada.


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Wouldn't international student loans help me in this case(US-Wise).

Yes, you can certainly get funding from private international student loan programs, though most require a US citizen as a co-signer. Do you have friends or family who are US citizens who would co-sign an education loan for you?

You could also look for scholarships/grants.

As Silverdragon102 said, you will get more complete information by contacting the admissions offices or international student liaisons of the programs/universities you are interested in attending.

P.S. your written English appears to be very good!