Confused by all this endorsement by application stuff, please help!!


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I graduated in may of 2010, got my bsn and RN license in OR. Job market for new grads in OR stinks, so I am looking into getting my license in AZ. I feel so lost w/ no guidance about what any of this means! please help. AZ is a compact state, so that means that if i get my AZ license, any other state in that compact agreement i can work in too w/o having to pay for another license, right? also, about how long does it take for me to get my new state license? thanks all.

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you found a job in az????? az is one of the worse states for new grads.

anyway, in order to get your az license, you need to contact the az bon and apply for endorsement. however, if you live in az your license is only good in az or a boardering state within driving distance of home that is also a compact state. if you want to work in texas, for instance, you will not need to be endorsed by texas (which btw is hiring new nurses). however, you will need to contact both the az bon and tx bon with your new address and possibly other information in order to use your compact license in texas (in fact, texas will have to report you as valid prior to you being able to work). this is true for travel nurses as well who have temporary places of residence.

the only thing a compact license alleviates is the pain of waiting for licensure through endorsement. that is all. it does not alleviate the fact that you must contact the two bons in order for your license to be valid in the other compact states prior to working. at least that is my understanding... be sure to contact the az bon for more information.


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thanks for the reply. no, i didnt get a job in arizona yet. but im thinking/planning on getting my AZ license and moving in with family who live down there b/c i have yet to find employment in my home state of oregon. Texas is hiring? as in hospitals? do u know which ones in particular? as a new grad, the only luck i have been getting is applying to residency programs, they are the only ones willing to interview me. i have applied to other nursing spots, the ones that want "preferred 1-2 yrs nrs exp." and i have never heard back from them yet b/c why would they want to hire me, a newbie, rather than a seasoned nurse.