Confused on when to apply?? Cal States


I am a prospective student attending a Los Angeles area community college. I am on track to completing my Associate Degree in Health Science at the end of spring 2016. After I complete my degree I plan on pursing either an Associate or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. As I plan out my future education I have come across a couple of questions. First, I am unsure if I am eligible to apply this coming fall so that I may be accepted for the fall 2016 nursing program. I currently have 29 GE completed semester units and 5 more in progress. I have completed one science, Biology with 4 semester units. I am currently in progress of Chemistry with 4 units, and Statistics with 5 units. I still need to take Microbiology, Anatomy, and Physiology. At the end of this semester spring 2015 I will have a total of 47 semester units completed including Chemistry, Biology, and Statistics. I also plan on taking Anatomy this coming summer semester before applying. Whether I apply this year or next year by the end of spring 2016 I will have completed all of the required classes and units to be eligible to apply for nursing programs , although I would like to apply as soon as possible.

So my question is with the provided information will I be eligible to apply to the schools and the nursing program this fall 2015 for an acceptance into fall 2016? Or will I have to wait till all my classes and prerequisites are completed to apply in fall 2016 for an acceptance into the nursing program in fall 2017? I know this may seem confusing but I hope I have made it as clear as possible. I recognize that you must have an extremely busy schedule so I sincerely appreciate your time in reading my post. If you are able to answer my questions or even refer me to someone or resources that can it would give me much needed relief of going from counselor to counselor for an answer. I understand there are also other factors such as gpa and entrance exams but assuming that all else is in order my main concern is my classes. I have talked to my counselor and they suggested i apply in fall of 2016 to begin in fall 2017 but i feel like that is too far away. I am considering all Cal States and Community Colleges.

Thank you!

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Each school, community college, cal-state, or university/private have their own requirements to qualify for the program. Either go to the website and find out about it, or talk with the NURSING counselor in regards on how to apply and if you qualify for the nursing program. Also, there is no guarantee that you will start right away. It all depends on the type of qualifications each school requires. Some schools take students based on a random lottery system, some take students based on GPA with the top students starting right away, or some places do a point system. There are also other factors that may affect when you get in such as location, but like I said, each school is different and you would need to find out the qualifications of each and every school you are interested in. As far as I know, you cannot start a nursing program until you have that school's required pre-requisites finished. Well, that's actually the point of pre-requisites...which is basically your qualification to get into/start the program.

Here's my example if you want know about the application process. My school accepted students based on a random lottery system. It took me 3 semesters (1 and a half years) to get the pre-requisites done. My school only required anatomy, physiology, and microbiology to apply; however, the program did require a few other classes, but they could completed later as long as it was before graduation or before the nursing class it was required for. THEN, I could apply/be eligible to put my name in the system and wait to be called into the progoram. I waited 2 and a half years (5 semesters) before I got into the 2 year nursing program.