confuse and scare.


i just got off orientation for 6 weeks and I already made 3 error already with 2 involving incident report. The most recent one involve med error. I hung an expire med. The IV was to be infuse in an hour. 30 minute into the infusion, the family member addressed it to me that the med was expired two hours ago. It was the worst thing that can happen. My pt was fine, no adverse reaction but I felt so incompetent. And at the same time I'm so scare that i will get fire from it, that the manager thinks I'm incompetent as well....

Sad, scare, and i dunno want to do...

please can someone give me some insight to this situation........HELP.

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Well personally I dont believe hanging a med that expired 2 hours ago is the worst thing that can happen. Try to not beat yourself up about it. You can sched a meeting with your unit mgr and explain that your feeling really bad about the 3 incidents and your hopefully learning from them and then ask if s/he notices anything you could improve on.

Then listen to what s/he has to say. Tell them you will follow their advice and tell them you want to sched a meeting again in either 2 to 4 weeks to touch base and reevaluate.

Then take a deep breath and start fresh, each day is a new beginning. Every nurse knows that nursing school barely scratches the surface of real world nursing.

Best of luck....


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It is only two hours late?

It's indeed very scary but I tell you it happens anywhere to any new nurses around the world. You are not alone.. Trust me. There are people who makes bigger mistake than you. There is a trick to make you feel better - try to think that at least the patient's life is not jeopardized. When you get back on track,do make sure you be 101% careful next time. Check everything! Cos you can trust the pharmacy to check for you.

But if you couldn't get over the stress around you, talk to your colleagues, manager or anybody you trust, at least don't have to bottle up all by your own. And I guess your manager will provide you more support.

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