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Is the hospital allowed to search a patients bag to confiscate weed? The hospitals policy said  is it is illicit. But no other thing a mentioned as to how to confiscate it if patient is refusing. Can patient refuse if he is in hospital property? Security was there but they also cannot search the bag because patient ia refusing. Pt states he smoked it out in the balcony of hospital while admitted as patient . Can hospital search a patients bag without his consent to take weed and dispose of It? I 

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Hospitals aren't a lawless land where patients can do what they want. It's funny to me that security is useless everywhere. I feel the best step would have been to get the police involved. I have nothing against weed at all but if they want to be an idiot about it and play games then let them play with big dogs. 

"Moreover, the court noted that searches were permissible if conducted on the belief that one or more hospital patients possessed contraband, such as a dangerous weapon, drugs or liquor, which could impair patients, interfere with their treatment or create a dangerous situation at the hospital"

Health Care Law Monthly (Vol. 2012, Issue No. 10)


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Do not know the answer to your question but I do know that it wouldn't be me rummaging though a patient's belongings looking for contraband. Or for anything.


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Thanks a lot MaxAttack. This article is super helpful. 

If patient is smoking weed inside the room, where there is oxygen, then it becomes a safety issue for everybody in the hospital. So at this point we could confiscate it and dispose of it correct? Just like if you confiscated a knife on admission , security won't return it on discharge but will dispose of it isn't it ?

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