Conditional acceptance?


I have researched this and comparing this to a "normal acceptance" into a nursing program, this is for those who have a higher pressure to meet certain academic requirements while in the program (maintaining high grades).

But what I would like to please ask for clarification a bit more: so a conditionally accepted student can get kicked out if their grades dropped? What about a normally accepted student, won't they experience the same thing if their grades are too low as well?

I would think a probationary period would be enforced to give the student a chance to bring up their grades the next semester.

But why does it matter which acceptance you have then? Are conditioanllly accepted students more monitored closely or what?


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Depends on the school. One big thing is typically conditionally accepted students aren't qualified for financial aid. Also some schools require a higher standard for conditionally accepted students i.e. a 3.0 for the first semester and limited credit hours (no more than 12) where a fully accepted student can get a 2.5 or take 14 credit hours. But it depends on your school. Best to ask the admissions dept