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Concordia University Irvine Graduates

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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to start off by congratulating everyone who recently graduated and had a 98.55% NCLEX pass rate! My situation: I am a biochemistry major graduate and did some soul searching and found my interest in nursing. I want to pursue an ABSN degree and down the line work towards CRNA. I learned about the ABSN program at Concordia Irvine and want to apply but I am not too familiar with the program since I'm more familiar with state college programs like CSUF, CLULB, and CSULA. I had a few questions about the experience at Concordia and beyond. What made you decide to apply /choose this program versus others? What were the deciding factors? As a graduate, do you feel like Concordia has prepared you well for your first nursing job? If you've heard any thing, how does the cirriculum compare to other ABSN programs from your colleagues? Thank you for your time and I look forward to any advice! 🙂 

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