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Hi so I was wondering if anyone has gone to Concordia College and could give me advice? How are the classes, teachers? How was the program? I know Concordia has a good nclex scoring.

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You must know that even terrible 4yr schools have great NCLEX scores.

The Concordia complex of Evangelical Luthern Church affiliated schools is not one of the terrible ones.

In fact their graduation and retention rates are very good and above the national average.

Look up: (

The only problem depending on your financial circumstances is that-OUCH!!!-these schools are expensive.

The one you're looking at in Minnesota is over $34, 000 per year in tuition.

Maybe you could do your prerequisites at the local CC unless grandpa Sven is loaded.

Either way don't take out loans for this.

$130, 000 for a BSN is certifiably insane for a BSN.