Concordia College ABSN Fall 2016


Hi All! My name is Chris. I have recently been accepted into Concordia College's Accelerated Nursing Program for Fall 2016 and plan on attending. Has anyone else applied to or heard back from Concordia?

It would be nice to hear back from fellow future student!

Hi Chris! My name is Erica and I've recently been accepted to Concordia's accelerated nursing program for the Fall of 2016 as well! I just have 2 prereqs to finish up this semester! I'm so excited to start this new journey!


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congrats Chris and Erica! i hope you don't mind asking Qs here.

i plan to apply for fall of 2017 and was wondering whether I could ask students who were already accepted.

1. can i PM(personal message) you?

2. do you mind sharing your GPA, pre-req GPA, and what do you think made your application successful in getting into interview stage?

or if i share mine to you, do you mind telling me whether i stand a chance or not? I am so intimidated with what I heard from info session... :(

3. could you share how you approached the interview sessions and group interview situation?

4. I plan to finish microbiology and chem in Fall of 2016 (December of 2016). Should I apply for summer or fall of 2017? I was worried that my transcript would not show the last 2 courses I plan to take in Fall of 2016 if I rush to submit my application by Jan to be eligible for summer application.

5. once accepted, when do you have to take Teas test? did you tell you when?


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i don't know how to reply to others' comment... :(


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I'd absolutely answer any questions you have. But just from what it says your location is, this is Concordia in Bronxville, NY, not California.


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haha. thanks Chris. I just realized that. thank you for your kind offer though. I appreciate it. :)

I will also be attending this fall. Very excited to get started. Finishing up my Microbiology.


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Hi Chris! I have also been accepted into the program. Can't wait to start getting to know everyone!


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Hey there, I've been accepted as well and look forward to the chapter ahead [emoji4].

I have been accepted also!! Does anyone know when we will hear about our fall schedule/ orientation etc?


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Hey Chris, I was also accepted into the fall of 2016 cohort! Question, did you by any chance apply to the college of new Rochelle for their accelerated nursing?