I just graduated. YAY!!!

I know that if I get a job and practice as a Graduate Nurse with my temporary permit, if I do not pass the NCLEX the first time, I can no longer practice as a Graduate Nurse. So if I get a job and I do not pass the first time, does that mean I am out of a job then? I am just so concerned that is going to happen because I know a few people that didn't pass their first time. I am desperately in need of a job right now because I haven't worked since August.

Has anyone had any experience with this? I'm debating on applying for some jobs.

Thanks!! :)

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Yes. If you don't pass the NCLEX, you can not continue to work in the capacity of a graduate nurse. However, most hospitals have dealt with this situation many times before and have a plan for dealing with the situation. So, as you interview for jobs, ask the hospitals what would happen if you fail the exam the first time.

For example, many hospitals let you take a job as a nursing assistant while you are waiting to take the test again. Some hospitals will not hire you until you have passed the test. Etc. Each hospital has its own procedures for dealing with the issue. You have to ask about that as you go through the application process.

This possibility is a good reason to not delay in taking the NCLEX. Once you pass it, you can get on with your RN career. Until then, you will be in limbo. So, get your review course done and take the exam ASAP.

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