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Has anyone used concpet mapping in the theoretical or clinical portions of their course or curriculum?

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Hi, I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I've been using a type of mapping/flow sheet in clinical area this semester. Not sure if I like it completely.

Is this what you have in mind?

Students, in any style they like, break up a page (a LARGE piece of paper) into several catagories: Admitting diagnosis/problem, history, or+diagnostic exams, labs, medications, diet, activity, assessment findings, and nursing diagnostic statements.

They also write the textbook pathophysiology details of the main problem and related surgury.

Students then draw lines to show relationships between details in one catagory to another.

I am concerned they are not looking into depth in their research of the various catagories, but I'm thrilled that they are seeing how each area relates to another. I'm hearing lots of "AHAs", and "OH, now I see why....".

For example- I see conections made between admission for ulcer on foot, history of diabetes, pathphysiology of diabetes, lab glucose and WBCs, assessment findings of wound condition, meds-insulin + antibiotics, etc. Students see the whole picture, (most of the time).

Well I hope this is helpful. If not and you had something else in mind entirely, let me know. You may have an idea that I could use!

:) :)

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I am a nursing instructor at a community college ADN program. The students use concept mapping in the clinical area for their pathophysiology preps, for critical thinking and for their care plans if they wish. It is like everything else, some students love concept mapping and some students really dislike it. The concept maps do not have to be elaborate, just something to help with their point. But in the process, we do get some very detailed oriented ones.

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:) Thanks, I tried concept mapping again this past semester and prepared them better for it and made it into more of an ongoing process and liked the outcome better. You are right some use it as a learning tool and others just a project to finish. Thanks Ruth

Could someone e-mail me an example of this? I am constantly seeking new ways to develop critical thinking skills in my students and this sounds like it could help. Thanks


I am interensted in concept mapping with nursing students. I would also be interested in getting email. my address is [email protected].

I am a brand new teacher fresh out of the hospital (10 years) I feel like a total fish out of water. I had to fail a student today and I feel really bad.:o

its interesting to hear what you have to say.. I am new at this bb stuff too. This is only the second time ive had enough guts to do it:imbar


Hi guys.. looks like its a hot topic. Can I get example of concept mapping. Can anybody attach the example to a message so that everybody can get. OR we can get different examples of concept mapping from different people.


Hi guys.. looks like its a hot topic. Can I get example of concept mapping. Can anybody attach the example to a message so that everybody can get. OR we can get different examples of concept mapping from different people.


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I am a new grad,

but my school used concept mapping 100%. I think it was great because you had to identify the nursing diagnosis, and reasons for it, sometimes my if i only came up with 5, my instructors would make me come up with 10.

it's a great thing!!!!!!!! but don't get too crazy with it.

most of the time, i had three papers stapled/taped together with a concept map. i believe it helped though.



I am not a fan of concept mapping, mainly because of comments from students. Very negative comments. I have two different colleagues teaching two different classes who regularly use concept mapping to teach their lectures and it almost turns into students teaching the class. I doubt that it is being used appropriately. What I would recommend is doing a learning preference survey of students and see if they would like to try it, maybe for one class, and give you feedback. It sounds innovative, but from what I've seen, it is a complete disaster. Find out what your stakeholders (the students) like for learning, and use that method. Otherwise, you will receive complaints.

:uhoh3:HELP!!! We have to turn in a Pathophysiology Map for our client weekly. I have a really hard time getting started and on how to put it all together. Does anyone have an example or ideas on how to "map" a client with multiple problems that include would s/s, Diagnositic test, treatments, nursing diagnosis, etc...?


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