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I am a Head Nurse in large geriatric home. We are in the process of computerizing our units. Though not computer illiterate by any means, appropriate training is a great concern, especially with many staff (at present RNs, LPNs, and Ward Secretaries) having little or no computer experience with computers; and most having little experience with specific software. This includes at present Windows 98, Office 97, Word, Excel; and in the next few months an extensive set up of health care related software yet being decided upon. Any comments or ideas on this, experiences with good training, or little or no facility sponsered training would be appreciated.

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I think you're on the wrong thread. Try Geriatric Nursing and you'll probably get some response. :paw:

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My last home was computerised and it was great, it took less time to write and to find reports. Care plans could be altered neatly, charts drawn up at the click of a button. We used a programme called Nightingale though when I left they were thinking about updating that to a really good one that done everything for you, but unfortunately I cannot remember the name of it! We used it as a demo for a month and it included observation recording, care plans, a quick tick for personal care, what newspapers a resident wanted, as I said everything. Also had an option to allow restricted access ie for carers or activity organisers.


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Work for a LTC Software company. You will love the efficiency and the quality of your documentation. Nurses adjust very well to the electronic environment. Search carefully for your software. There are many companies claiming to be an electronic chart.

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