Compton College Nursing Program

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I am a pre-nursing student in the state of Arizona and was really curious to know if the nursing program at Compton Community College still exist and if the reputation has gotten any better since El Camino has taken over? I am debating on coming back to Southern California to attend nursing school and want to explore every possible option.

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Compton College is right off the 91 , its not like your driving through the city. Like any other college, it has its bad & good teachers. I do get frustrated with some of the disorganization but im happy im in a program instead of waiting 3-4 yrs.

Good LUCK!

Thanks LupeLVN for replying, how long is the wait? Is there a wait list at all?

How is the program and how hard is to get the prerequesites and get accepted in the program?? Thanks and sorry for asking so many questions, but imma a mother of four trying to finish the LVN-RN.

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