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After being accepted to a LPN program and not being able to attend because of finances I have been really bummed out. Most programs in my state (Michigan) only accept and start once a year and have either already started or accepted their group of people for their next start date. I have one more application in for a program that starts in May 2015 that is not very expensive and is very close to home and work. But its hard to tell what my chances are im not sure how many people applied or knew about this particular program to weigh my chances. I have a lot of experience CNA and Phlebotomy certifications and have completed over 60 college credits a lot that relate to nursing like biology,surgical,psychology and medical terminology to name a few. Due to my unsure feeling of being accepted to the program im considering commuting from Michigan to Ohio for school at Brown Mackie College which has no waiting list but is very expensive. I am willing to end my lease at my apartment move back with my sister who supports whatever pay out of pocket and do this 1 year or less program and apply for a LPN to RN bridge in my state. Idk how it is anywhere else but here in Michigan financial aide really doesn't work in the favor of a 21 year old with no children and lives alone. Anyone knows that being a CNA is a challenging job and lately I have felt so worthless. Not because my job is meaningless but because i have a lot of education that is not being displayed due to the limitations of my responsibilities within my scope of practice. I kind of have this feeling of if I don't get into a nursing program soon I will end up changing fields and later regretting it. I'm a get it done type of girl we all hate road blocks but I have met my quota and im ready to have some purpose. Would you or have you taken some wild compromises to become nurse? Were you a CNA before you were a nurse with this same feeling? Share all advice im open tell me if you think its a dumb idea just please don't say its dumb to due if for LPN because I do have plans to bridge but I can expect my sister and her husband to give me a place to live for 2 years.

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I too knew when the time came where I wanted to "do more"; however as much as I wanted to push to "get it done", I found myself making more of an uphill battle to "get things done". Once I had a plan that was done with clarity, things fell into place.

Most LPN programs are on a yearly admission status; so you can defer a year, save up, and work on the weekends or go to another state; however,as far as financial aid, depending if you are going out of state the funding is based on out of state status, even if you try to establish residency, they may have requirements depending on the allotment of funds you will have to find out that info before taking such a leap and finding yourself in the same position.

What would it feasible be to save for a year or live with your sister for a year? That's a decision that you will have to make; if money is an issue as far as tuition, whether you save or pay more in the end, you have to keep that In mind; then if you need to wait a year and save as a better benefit, then that may be a better option for you.

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Personally, I would just work for a year & save up as much as I could to restart at the cheaper lpn schools. If you moved in with your sister, you would have to pay out of state tuition. If you work for a year & then attend a cheaper lpn program, you may even have enough saved to not have to work during the program & you would graduate with less debt which you could apply towards your lpn to rn. As for financial aid, I don't know anything about that as I don't qualify for it, but check with your school for scholarship applications. Many scholarships require an essay, and you could explain how you already successfully completed 60 nursing credits but had to defer the actual program due to financial issues.