Compressed Nursing U of T 2014


Hello! Has anyone applied to the compressed nursing program at U of T for September 2014?


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I have. What are you wondering?

Thank you for your response! What is your average and have you heard back?

I received my offer of admission to Bloomberg on April 3, 2014. My GPA was 3.75 in the last 5.0 full credits completed and at least 3.7 in the last 10 full credits completed.

Thank you for responding! What were you marks like in your prerequisites and your volunteer experience?

Not a problem!

I had a 4.0 in my social science, life science, and humanities prereqs. I had a 2.7 in stats and my physiology is still pending (it'll be around a 3.5 or 3.7). I had three academic and three work references. For volunteer I have two years active with the Canadian Ski Patrol and two years on sabbatical. I have three years on the Health Studies Students' Union executive, three years with the Health Studies Undergrad Journal, three years running a reading week exchange programme for students to learn about Aboriginal health and wellness, two years with UT Emergency Medical Responders, all of those at U of T. I also received two awards from U of T last year and two more this year.

Also, those GPAs are based on the U of T grade scale (

I hope that helps!


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Hi everyone!

I've applied to U of T as well, still waiting to hear back. I've gotten accepted to Queen's AST nursing, so am trying to decide between the two. Is U of T difficult to get high GPA? I'm planning on applying for either RN or medical school after nursing, so I need a A- or A average! Is that doable?