Completely Stumped...A&P II


Hi there!

I am preclinical and in A&P II, among other courses. I have a medical doctor as my professor which has its pro's and con's. He is going into very clinical situations without laying a foundation of knowledge and I am super stumped on some questions he has asked us to consider. I have read the text, but it doesn't got into clinical topics, just the basics. Here are some of my hang-ups:

If a patient presents with a blockage of the right primary bronchus, without removing the blockage determine 3 or more ways you could restore gas-exchange. (I considered the Heimlich but that could possibly cause a total obstruction if it lodges in the trachea.)

Explain why hypochloremia would cause acidosis and CO2 retention. (As I understand it, hypochloremia causes accumulation of HCO3-, raises the pH, and causes alkalosis which would mean CO2 would not be retained...I am so confused! I considered maybe for a brief period acidosis and CO2 rentention could occur as the body attempts to normalize through homeostatic regulation?!)

Please help...I am so confused. Thank you!