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I'm new here and not sure which forum to post this query on. My family has been pushing me to migrate to the US, where my sister's a citizen, but I'm a really interested in New Zealand and Australia.

I've read up on NZ registration requirements and keep seeing Competency Assessment Programmes (CAP) in the registration process. I don't have much information on it and I find it better to ask person who have been through the process.

Is CAP the first step in registration or is there a specific starting point in the registration process? I'd just like to clarify what it actually pertains to and what it involves in terms of time, requirements and resources.

Is CAP a bridging program for international nurses that's in NZ Nursing schools or is it purely an assessment program done by the NZNC? Does getting into a CAP require application (you need to be screened) or is it a training you can enroll in right away? If I get into the program, how long does it take and is there a usual range for fees/tuition?

Sorry for the multitude of questions. I'm basically starting from scratch here, because people keep giving me differing answers. hehe

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CAP I believe is something that is required by the applicant once their application has been assessed and decision made that CAP is required not everyone requires CAP

Applying for registration as an internationally qualified nurse - Nursing Council NZ

Thanks for the clarification! :D

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