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the Compendium of Standards


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I'm seeking registration in British Columbia, where can I possibly read about their culture in terms of health related matters? And can somebody please explain to me what is "the compendium of standards as this was mentioned in one of the threads.

I'm also interested in learning the health care delivery system different in Canada. :paw:


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The Compendium of Standards is THE pharmaceutical reference in Canada. It's an enormous book roughly the size of a briefcase and contains drug monographs for every drug available in Canada.

As for your other questions, perhaps one or more of our Filipino expatriots can help you with them.

Besides the gigantic blue book jan is talking about (the book is helpful at work, I'm not offending it calling it fat :D) there's also the Compendium of Standards by the College of Nurses of Ontario.

You can download it for free on the CNO website. It contains a good deal of information regarding nursing in Ontario, and some people recommend it -even for those who are not taking CRNE for Ontario- as a good exam preparation material. It's easy to read although it may seem a big overwhelming in the beginning. BTW, CNO also offers some interactive learning tools based on the Compendium, pretty good for the workplace.

Hope this helps :)

In Canada the health care system is mostly publicly funded through taxes. People living in Canada obtain a provincial insurance card and they show the card when they go to their family doctor or to the hospital. There is a lot of information on Canada's health care delivery system on health canada's website




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thank you so much for the information... I will surely do what you have suggested. ;)