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I am doing a presentation at a staff meeting and would like to know any scenarios of the differences that a nurse has made themselves or made to them or their family, in the very smallest of things. I'm not talking hi-tech expertise, I'm talking the hand held, the moments of time, etc


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Hi Beth,

Our hospital did a study regarding families experiences with death in the ICU- as it isn't a peaceful environment. It was a very interesting study- with all sorts of things revealed- but the one thing that sticks out in my mind, was a family member that stated she got really upset when discussing tube feeds witht he nurse. SHe asked some questions about the feeds and the nurse said, "we have found that patients with multiple trauma do better with tube feeds of this type". She felt like the nurse wasn't really acknowledging that this was her husband, a person, etc. SInce seeing that, I always try to refer tot he pt by their name, and if I forget the name (hey, it does happen.) I try to say at least, "Lets talk about how your wife is doing." I am not sure it makes a difference, but it does seem to help them connect better with the nurse.

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