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Hi everyone, I will be taking the COMPASS test very soon. The nursing school I am applying to requires students to take the COMPASS test and achieve a minimum score of 39 on the math section. I don't think the other sections matter much, just that math with a 39 score. For those of you who have taken this test, is it difficult to get a 39? I am VERY bad at math, and I do mean very bad. So I am nervous about this. I have recently started studying mathematics on my own and have some good materials to learn from, but don't know exactly what getting a 39 entails. Any comments welcome, thanks.



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I think most community colleges will allow you to take a zero credit hour math course if you do not score high enough on the math portion to go directly into college algebra. Go talk to your entrance counselors and find out, that may take the stress off of you. I know it is no fun taking classes that don't apply toward a degree but if that is what you have to do then go for it!

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In order to answer your question, a key piece of information is needed.

The math portion of the COMPASS is divided into content domains, increasing in difficulty, beginning with pre-algebra and ending in trig. In what domain are you expected to obtain a score of 39? Pre-algebra, algebra, college algebra, geometry, or trigonometry? Knowing that will tell you what level of proficiency you'll need to obtain before attempting the COMPASS so that you can study for it effectively.

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