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I am considering a job in the ICU at Cleveland Clinic. I am a fairly new nurse, so cannot be too picky but I would like to work in a hospital with a good reputation and with a good team. I prefer cardiac, but would work in any medical or surgical ICU. I live on the West Side of Cleveland, so Fairview or Lakewood or even the main campus would be a closer choice (especially in the winter), but I have heard great things about Hillcrest Hospital (even on here) and the campus looks beautiful. Anyone have any advice? Commuting time and parking is a big deal to me, but not if it means sacrificing a much better job and working environment.

I can't find very much info about the Fairview Hospital ICU and this would be my closest choice for proximity to my home. What is the environment like there? How big is the ICU? Anyone work there in the past or now and want to comment? THANKS MUCH

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If you live on the West Side, I would skip Hillcrest altogether. You can get the same experience at Fairview or Lakewood. It's a pain to get to Hillcrest from the West Side, and the intersection of Mayfield/SOM Center is a logistical nightmare.

Main campus is usually hiring in any/all of their adult ICUs. Keep in mind the main campus can be overwhelming. Parking is also ridiculous, but not impossible. Fairview and Lakewood are both great, but you can probably get more cardiac experience at Fairview in comparison to Lakewood. You can still get "sicker" patients at the smaller Clinic hospitals, without the insanity of main campus.

If you want more information, post your question in the Ohio nurses found under the region tab at the top of this page. Might be able to get more input. Running nurse does have some excellent points to consider!

Consider metrohealth if you live on westside. May not be "world class" but it is the best hospital in the area in my opinion. The critical care acuity is very high and it is an amazing teaching hospital. I've been there for almost 13 of my 18 years, left once to try retail clinic and regretted if immediately. So grateful I got back in!

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Yup, what Shannon said too....I worked at Metro for 3 years, and it was awesome.

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