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Commuting to DC


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Anyone ever had to make a commute from Baltimore (City or County) to DC for work? Was it a pain in the a*s? Was the job worth it? When I graduate I'm going to live in Randallstown, and while I'm nowhere near choosing a hospital, I've already got a interview scheduled at WHC in DC. Any pro/cons or advice/comments appreciated!



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Congratulations on graduating soon! I just applied to the nursing program but I'm working in adminstration now and one of my offices is in Alexandria outside of DC and the commute is not fun at all. If you are leaving from Randallstown and getting on 695 to 95 during rush hour it will be a good 2 hour drive at least. Yesterday I drove to DC and left my house at 5:45 AM (from Owings Mills) and I made it to DC around 6:40 AM so if you leave extra early the traffic is very minimal. On the way home at around 1 PM the traffic was light as well. It just depends what time you leave. Just curious what school are you graduating from?


Noooooooo!!!! :bugeyes: It will make you crazy.

The commute to DC is horrendous. I used to live in Greenbelt (Just a few miles north east of the district and on the BW Parkway) and the commute was beyond painful. Depending on traffic, it could take 2 hours to get to WHC from where I used to live. From Baltimore, it could take half a day.


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You'll have so many hospital choices in the Baltimore metro area that you won't need to travel to D.C. That commute would really be a nightmare.

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