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Hello everyone! I've been considering going to CRNA school and have a question...

The closest school to where I live now is about 2 hours away. The problem is that I'm about to get married and my future husband has a good job here and he probably would not be able to get as good of a job if we moved. He said we may be able to work something out with this, but anyway, my question is...

Would it be realistic for me to try and commute to CRNA school, which is 2 hours away? I know I would end up probably getting a hotel there often, but even then, is it realistic? What are the demands of school? Is it 5 days a week usually or just twice a week? What are clinical schedules usually like? Btw, I'm thinking of going to UAB, so if anybody has gone there any input would be helpful!


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I'm graduating in Dec. I commuted for my first year of school which was all didactic. I had an hour drive each way. It was really hard. It was hard to study with other people, hard to get in good study time at the end of the day, and a killer in gas.

I'm single, but I know a lot of married people in this program who had to be apart during that time period. I know it sucks, but it's doable.

I think 2 hours is really pushing it. Do they have distance classes? At my school, we could go to our clinical site and watch class via satellite after the first semester. There were a lot of people who lived on campus the first semester and then moved back home after that for satellite classes.

Your idea about staying in a hotel is certainly doable,I would look seriously about that. Then you could come to study groups and save alot on gas.

Good luck to you!


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I feel completly unrealistic given the time required for study, you may be able to do it. I know some really smaert people who graduated under really difficult circumstances, but I sure as hell do not know how they did it.


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I commuted 1.5-2 hrs every day for 28 months - I wouln't recommend it. It takes alot of your study time up not to mention the added stress of driving 4 hrs a day...20 hrs a week. I would suggest getting an apartment close to the school / clinical area and going home on the weekends.


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UAB has regional components. Those students either commute or move to Birmingham for the first 9 months. Then they go back home and do clinicals at their regional sites.

Thanks for the input everyone. It's a tough decision to make. But if it is only 9 months of commuting then that's way better than 27 months and I think it would be worth a try one day...thanks!


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I would really look into getting an apartment for the first portion of your program. I cannot imagine trying to read all the required material with that kind of commute. You can get loans for the apartment.

Good luck


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I agree with the renting an apartment close to school sentiment. CRNA school is an investment in your future, and you would be robbing yourself of precious study time, bonds with other students and adding distress to your life. Note: Diathesis-stress theory.

Would you be able to do it? Sure. But at what cost? Even though it won't be fantastic to be away from your spouse, you will be happier when you are around him because you will be able to take care of yourself and focus on why you applied to CRNA school in the first place. With the price of gas, you would be spending the same (or more) filling up your tank as getting graduate student housing or an apartment.

It should be noted that I am biased on this issue. I've been commuting from San Diego to Dallas once a month for a year to see my boyfriend who is an MD resident. I had a great job in San Diego that I felt was important to continue as I applied to grad school.

I'm moving to Fort Worth in the fall to go to TCU, and he will live in Dallas. We both love each other immensely and know we will marry each other, but neither of us think that committing to commuting every day and paying for gas is worth it. Fort Worth is only 30 minutes away without traffic. I don't want the stress of having to get to class on time and I'm gridlocked. Plus, I think it's important to feel connected to the program you're in, and it's just kind of difficult to do that when you're only around your peers during class hours.

Just my :twocents:

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