Commute to the Albany State (Darton) Nursing Program from Metro Atlanta?

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I am considering applying to Albany State (Darton), but I live in the metro Atlanta area. Has anyone commuted from Atlanta? What was it like?


I haven't done it, but it sounds like a bad idea and something you'd tire of quickly. If you had family there and could stay there for days at a time...maybe, but 6-8 hours of daily driving? Not me. 6 is with no traffic from the south side of Atlanta. I used Stockbridge as a reference point.

Also, nursing school is tough. You're essentially giving up an entire day of studying every time you drive.

I have two coworkers who set up a room share down there with anther woman.
They all had a one bedroom apartment. The three of them worked weekends night shift in the Metro Area, and their husbands and kids remained here but during the week they were students and lived near Darton. They got each other thru the program though!

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I attended Darton State before the merge with Albany! However I attended their satellite program in Sanderville, which is about 1.5 hours drive on 20E. It was 1 day per week and I drove alone. The campus now has their own program and is instructed by those who taugh my class. It's Oconee Fall Tech check it out,worked well for me.

Hello DLewis, I tried messaging you privately but I couldn't for some reason. I will be attending Oconee's upcoming bridge program and wanted insight on the class and clinical schedule and anything you wish you would've known before starting the program. Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Hello! The class was great not difficult at all and the instructors were genuinely helpful. The bridge program then alternated wed and thrs, meaning the first semester we would attend lecture every wed, the following semester it would be on a thrs. Lectures first semester then clinicals started we would meet at designated hospitals, clinic, nursing home or home health assignment for that particular week. Testing was not bad, multiple choice

Thank you for the information! What days were clinicals?

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Clinicals were thrs or wed either class or clinicals

OK. I thought clinicals were on a separate day. Thanks again for the information. 

Do you know how long after applying it took for an acceptance? 

If I recall correctly it was about 3wks, and the it was a large vanilla envelope!

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