Community health hubs in the UK

by PeruRN PeruRN (New) New

I am a Christian RN. Given what has happened globally over the past 2 years, I have spent alot of time trying to fiqure out the end game, especially now with evidence coming out regarding the use of statistics to amplify numbers of deaths here in the UK, amongst other issues.

It appears our National Health System is failing (Due to decades of mismanagement and poor financial management, along with talks of offloading to US management), the issues are multifactorial so I won't go into it further.

As a Christian I beleive in end times, and it seems things are progressing in that direction. As a community (I live in a small country town) myself, other nurses and hoslitic practitioners believe it prudent to start a community health hub to help those people who do not wish to take the vaccine and therefore are being excluded from the healthcare system. I don't know enough about parish nursing, but think it could be run similarly. 

I have noted in this group that there is mention of an online Parish nursing course......could someone point me in the right direction to this course? Also would anyone experienced in Parish nursing like to communicate with me in regards to this?

Many thanks from Northumberland, UK