Community College of Phila


what was your gpa when applying to program.

minimum to apply is 2.75

wondering where I stand with acceptance with a low cumulative gpa of 2.79

current gpa for my readmittance this year is a is 3.8, but my cume is from attending and dropping out of ccp over 7 years ago- but the admissions lady told me they look at all grades from CCP!

no Ds or Fs so that is 2 pts

cumulative GPA only gives me 2 points (out of 4)

Allied Health test is in a few weeks...i need a 22+ to be a 7 on my application!!

what are my chances of getting in?

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I didn't apply to CCP but my understanding is that while 2.75 is the minimum they accept, the average is much higher. I think I was told no one actually gets in with less than a 3.5? This was a couple years ago so things may have changed.