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I am currently taking community health and writing a community assessment paper. I am sure many of you had to write one in your BSN program. I have completed windshield survey and began writing my paper, i however cannot decide/write a community diagnosis. The community I assessed has access to health care, transportation, a great educational program at the school district, safe streets, clean and kept houses and yards, an industrial area with railroads and factories. My first idea was pollution but i have not the means to prove this, only speculation . The assessment data I collected showed many people smoking and advertisement about stop-smoking patches/programs and stores that sell nicotine replacement products. My professor made it clear that we are NOT to use a NANDA diagnosis. I understand this is a risk-prone health behavior.... but any ideas as to how to write an eloquent diagnosis?


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Welcome to AN, Are you in an LPN or RN to BSN program?

Did you see high-school kids /young adults smoking or mostly seniors over 65? What about substance abuse issues? What type of health care is available? Clinics? Urgent care? If a hospital, what services are lacking at the hospital? What type of industries & factories, what do they manufacture? You say transportation, do you mean bus lines that run 24/7? Mostly new cars in the garages? Not sure what you mean by "great educational program at school district? Did you see people out exercising? What did your visit to the grocery store show? Food stamps used? What were people buying at the grocery store? (suitcases of beer? wine? hard liquor ?)

I am in a BSN program. I saw the working class smoking on lunch breaks, 20-50 something range. there is a major hospital in the area ( a 4 mile city) actually this hospital has the most admissions in the greater metropolitan area. There are also two private practice Doctor's offices, a chiropractor, four physical therapy centers, a pharmacy, five dentist offices, a health and wellness center and a vision center. I am not sure if there are any services lacking there, none I'm aware of. There are mostly personal vehicles, newer and plenty of them, but also a bus line down the main drag every hour. The school (elementary, middle and high) have a huge shared library and community center, theater program, A+ scholarship program, and they provide summer activities, clubs, and daycamps. There is a 60 acre park across from the school with sports fields, playgrounds, picnic shelters and a running/walking trail where I have seen many people with children/pets. There is a dog park near by . I saw no one using food stamps and don't recall anyone purchasing alcohol. There is a large rail-yard. I could not begin to tell you all of what is manufactured, id say about 2 miles out of 4 are companies that are housed in industrial building with vague signs "brookfield" "laird" "united stationers" "roma" "wel-co" "wemac" "D-Z manufacturing" "wilmak manufacturing" and 100 or so more.