Combative residents in nursing facilities

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I work in a 30 bed facility as an LPN. My question is, should combative residents be living in the same facilities as non combative residents? Or should they be put in a facility where there are male orderlies to help control them when they get out of hand. We have an all female staff of nurses and nurses aides. ( there have been male nurses and aides in the past ). I just hate going into a room and not knowing if you're going to see the good behavior of a resident, or an agitated state where they want to swing, punch, kick, etc. u. We have 3 male and 1 female residents who are frequently combative with care. . *Knock on wood* no one has been seriously hurt yet.

I would just like to know other people's opinions regarding this subject. I just know my fellow staff is tired of wondering if its going to be a good day/night everytime u walk into their room.

I can relate to what you are saying.I work in LTC also, and have come across several

residents with combative behavior.Are your residents seen by psych?Are they on

meds to modify their behavior?Thats the first step.If medication and staff intervention

doesnt help,then I think they should be admitted to some sort of psych unit where they are better qualified to handle people with such problems.These residents can be a threat not only to staff but most important other co-residents

Taking care of combative residents is always a challenge. We have developed behavior care plans that are included in the POC however, the difference is that the CNAs, housekeepers, anyone can write to tell the IDT what has worked and what has not worked.

We also do a pain assessment on these residents and try using tylenol. Is this person combative because he/she is in pain?

Is this person hungary, we have a complete assessment that was worked out and my staff have found out that behaviors improved with tylenol, for some of our dementia residents. If anyone wants more info on this I am always willing to share. NA :)

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