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I'm almost done with my contract with the Army but i want to work as CNA or Patient Care Technician not a EMT. Is it possible to work or find a job as a CNA without a state license? Preferably near or in San Antonio

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I worked as a CNA for years with an EMT-B license. I had several friends who worked as CNAs with no experience whatsoever. It can be more difficult to get a job without your CNA license, but keep in mind that with your combat medic experience, you may qualify to sit for the CNA exam in your state based on your training/experience in the Army.

Have you started ACAP yet? They will have you go through a class that has you make up an MOS crosswalk--relating your skills from the service to civilian occupations. There are search engines and resources that can help break it down for you as to what you need to do to get a license/certificate/additional training on the outside--whatever's needed to make you competitive for a job.

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