Columbus Tech RN Program, what are my chances??

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I applied to the RN program at Columbus Tech a few months ago and the acceptance letter should be arriving soon. I am so nervous about not getting in though. It was a big deal when I decided to go into nursing because I only had a year and a half left before I would have had my bachelor's in Early Childhood Education, I had a 4.0 GPA too, but I knew it wasn't for me. I was just wondering what my odds of getting in are with the scores I have. As of right now, my GPA is only a 3.5, but I did make a 95 on the pre-NLN, which they use for admission. Has anyone applied there and gotten in, if so, how do we compare?? I'm so nervous! :uhoh3:


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Was your 95 on the pre-NLN the composite score or the percentile score? How were your COMPASS scores? And related to your GPA, how were your A/P I & II grades? Did your interview go well?

It was the AD composite score, which is what they use for admissions, my COMPASS scores were a 95 and 99, I had a 97 in ANT/ PHY 1 and an 84 in II. And my GPA is actually a 3.7!!! :)

And I think my interview did go well!


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I think you're definitely getting in! Those are great scores-you should be very proud!

One thing to keep in mind... there are 40 spots, so you just need to be somewhere in the top 40. The person that ranks 40th will get in just like the person who ranks 1st. And honestly, you're probably in the top 10!

So don't worry, keep an eye on your mailbox, and post back when you get your acceptance letter!

Good luck!

Thank you! That is very reassuring because I am scared to death. Probably because I want this so bad! I should be getting my letter this week or the next!

I got accepted!!! :D


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Congratulations! You've chosen a very, very good program! I hope you'll be very happy there. Thanks for sharing your good news!


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Congratulations, Leslie! I just happened to see your posts.

I got my acceptance letter last Tuesday, so I know how excited you must be! I'll watch for you on Wednesday and introduce myself.

Congratulations to you too! I can't wait to see who all made it on Wednesday!


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I got accepted!!! :D

I'm planning on applying to Columbus Tech in March of 2011. Do you have any tips or advice you can give me??


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I need advice about applying in March 2011 too! I'm soooo nervous!

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