Columbus State University? Going for BSN..

U.S.A. Georgia


I'm currently attending Columbus Technical College, and I'm applying to Columbus State to get started on my pre-reqs for their BSN program. I have decided to go for my bachelors instead of my associates I figure it will be the best in the long run. I mean its really only one year longer, when all pre-reqs are included into the ADN programs. Has anyone on here I had to make a similar decision? I'm pretty sure others have had to make that decision.If so please share..

Does anyone know anything about Columbus State University? If so please give me information..

Thank you all, and good luck..:jester:

I just started Columbus State's nursing program, and I love it! It's a lot of work, but it's all nursing classes instead of taking other prereqs and nursing classes at the same time. I don't think I could do that. The teacher's are really helpful and everything is very organized for us which is a good thing because there are a million things going on, but we are all clear on our responsibilities.

I am currently pre-nursing at CSU. I transferred here from Alaska and Cols Tech wanted me to take all my Englishes and Maths AGAIN!! So I am at CSU now going for BSN and I will be applying to the program in Spring 2011. I am currently taking Chem 1151 and I seem to be a little "too well". It kinda freaks me out!! But oh well. Let me know if you have other questions!!

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