Columbia College of Nursing (Mke, WI ) Hesi Exam


Hello. I am currently doing my last semester at a community college and planning on transferring to CCON. They require an 80% cumulative score. I've bought the Elsiever study guide 3rd edition, but I can't seem to get it. What are some good study skills or tips that you use? I've done the practice tests they've provided but I feel like its not good enough. And I just don't want to read the whole study guide page to page... or should I..? How do you study for the vocabulary section? By memorizing? And as for me, English is my second language and I've never been really good with reading comprehension. I'm okay at grammar but never at the reading comprehension. Any tips for studying that? Math, I am okay with. A&P I struggle here and there. Overall, I am not really good at studying. How did you study?


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The math is exactly the same as in the book. Some of them require you to put in the answers. All but one fraction problem was multiple choice(So, I would get the answer, divide on the calculator they have on the computer to get the ratio, I would then match the ratio with the multiple choice answers. This is a quicker/more accurate way rather than reducing)

The vocab was difficult(I studied with the pocketprep), but will study the book more this time around.

The Reading was easy! Hint: You can use control+F to search for keywords

The Grammar was direct, but I need to work on it more.

The sciences are not the same as in the book. The book goes very vague, there were some questions that I could answer, but it went a lot more indepth than I thought!! I was scoring 100s on the pocketprep App and I got a 68 and 75


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Thanks for your reply! It's a relief to hear that math is the same as the book. So far I've only studied from the book.. Although I did download the pocketprep app too. I 'm most scared about vocab so I will definitely use the book for that. I need an accumulative of 80% so I really really want to do good for my first time, as we can only re-take once. Good luck to you and Thanks again.