working as GN (GPN) before taking exam?

  1. I just spoke with someone from my place of employment and she thought that I might be able to work as a GN (or GPN, whatever the title is) before I take my NCLEX-PN; while I am waiting to hear back from her to confirm if my facility would allow me to do that, does anyone know if the state of Colorado new LPN grads can do that? I have heard they stopped doing it because of the short timeframe between taking NCLEX and getting results, but the term GPN/GN was still listed on the Nurse Practice Act for LPNs that was last updated July 2006. I'd hate for my facility to allow it and at the same time it be illegal! Thanks for any input.
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  3. by   beckinben
    No. Graduate permits were eliminated in Colorado in 2005. The BON also issues rules (above and beyond the Nurse Practice Act) regarding licensure, which were changed to eliminate the graduate permits.

  4. by   caseymarie
    I was just wondering if you found out any more information about working as a GPN until you can take the NCLEX. I graduate in May and just had an interview where they told me that they had a LPN work as a GPN a couple of years ago before she actually took the NCLEX and got her license. If you have any more info on this let me know! :spin: :spin: Thanks!
  5. by   RNin'08
    Colorado no longer allows working as a GN/GPN. Check out the state board of nursing website:
    the info is a little more than half way down the page, in the 2005 info section.

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