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  1. Hy to all the nurses out there,
    I`m realy happy to visit the wonderfull Colorado highlands in oktober this year. I stay for 5 weeks in Boulder and I`m very intresting to visit a hospital and learn about the work of nurses in the US.
    If anyone know`n about a visitor program or have the time and will to enjoy passing me around ...

    I`m a "crna" in switzerland, Germany and a US citicen.

    C u in Boulder

    PS: special intrest is the op-unit and anaesthesia, of course
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  3. by   nightingale
    I edited your email. If posters need this they can check your profile.

    In the Fort Collins area, a little north of you about (maybe 50 miles), is Pudre Valley Hospital a magnet hospital. Did you go the Celtic Festival there? I have a friend who dances in that every year there.

    Good luck in your search.