Urgent! Need a summer job!

  1. Colorado nurses please help me! I need a summer job in Boulder (or close to Boulder, I don't drive ) that is related to nursing. I'm a 3rd year student in a BSN program in NYC. It doesn't have to be in a hospital! I'm open to any kind of facility. I would love to be in a birth center But im open to anything! Whether it's paid or unpaid! (But paid would be nice, ya know, since college is expensive ) I have been looking for volunteer work online but unfortunately most that I've seen require a 6 month commitment and that's too long. I'll only be in Boulder for the summer, so the end of May to the middle of August.

    My boyfriend is participating in an internship with Google so I really need to find something for myself so I can go with him and we can both get an introduction to Colorado. Colorado is on our list of places to maybe relocate to so we really want to use this opportunity to get a feel for the area (we both have never been to CO). If I can't find something I won't be able to come to CO with him (that's our agreement for personal reasons)

    Sorry if this was too long. Please, I welcome any suggestions on where to look, who to contact, and how I should contact them.
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  3. by   SiwanRN
    Here's some public health related ideas:

    Volunteer for Boulder County Public Health - Boulder County
    Mental Health Partners - Get Involved
    The Works Program - Boulder County
    Volunteer - Boulder County AIDS Project

    I believe Klone posted about Boulder Community Hospital already in your other thread.

    Good luck!
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  4. by   Madejose
    Thank you for the info, i'll look into these! Yes Klone did, unfortunately Boulder Community Health requires a 6 month commitment. I made this new thread to give some more information about my situation so hopefully I can get some more suitable suggestions.