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Hi there, You may have seen my post in the pre-nursing student forum about a wishlist for Christmas. Since I'm going to UCHSC in June, I thought I'd post here, too. Does anyone know of a suppy... Read More

  1. by   kitsune01
    Do they care at all what kind of black scrub pants you get? Are cargo scrubs okay? I went by the bookstore and saw that the logo scrubs they have are gelscrubs, which I've tried on and they don't fit at all.
  2. by   TemperStripe
    I can't say for sure if cargo scrub pants are okay but I did buy my own separate black pants to wear with the top (which you have to have, and it's cheaper to get it from school rather than get it separately embroidered.) My pants are very basic scrubs pants but they fit better than the ones you get at school. On a side note, make sure you get the embroidered polo shirt, too. You'll need that when you pick up your patient assignments. Good luck!
  3. by   RNin'08
    You can wear pretty much any style of scrub pants that make you happy. I wear the cargo style, all the pockets come in *very* handy. I also bought my own scrub tops and had the school embroider them (an extra $10). I just didn't like the way the ones from the book store fit.